Seikagaku Establishes New Company in Canada

By Julie A. Vetalice

Seikagaku Establishes New Company in Canada

Seikagaku announced today the establishment of SEIKAGAKU NORTH AMERICA in Canada. The new company will manage a portion of Seikagaku’s pharmaceutical and medical device development in North America.

Seikagaku’s objectives for having a development base in North America are to formulate development plans more closely aligned with the local medical environment, to realize smooth communications with FDA and clinical trial sites, and to accelerate pharmaceutical and medical device development.

In FY 2Q21, Seikagaku's single-injection and five-injection viscosupplement treatments both performed well in the U.S. and benefitted from order timing as distributors look to avoid supply shortages.

Seikagaku is focusing on global expansion for products in development and existing
products. By establishing the new company at this time, Seikagaku will contribute to the health and wellbeing of people around the world by strengthening the R&D function in North America and linking this to the early and continuous development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Source: Seikagaku

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