SeaSpine Launches NorthStar OCT and Cervical Facet Fusion Systems

By Julie A. Vetalice

SeaSpine Launches NorthStar OCT and Cervical Facet Fusion Systems

SeaSpine commenced limited commercial release of its NorthStar™ OCT and Cervical Facet Fusion™ systems for posterior cervical fusion. First procedures are complete.

NorthStar OCT features anatomically designed implants that connect seamlessly with a versatile instrumentation platform to address a wide variety of pathologies. Multipurpose instruments help reduce steps in the procedure to save O.R. time.

Dennis Cirino, Senior Vice President, Global Spinal Systems, said, “This system includes novel instrumentation that minimizes the need for additional hands while streamlining steps to drive efficiency and reduce O.R. time. It also includes thoughtfully designed screw technology with market-leading angulation of up to 90 degrees conically, without the need of a favored-angle tulip design. Moreover, the novel occipital plate offers angled holes (shingles) that facilitate a new cranial to caudal trajectory into the occipital keel. This new trajectory should facilitate easier implant placement and additional screw purchase during an occipital fusion procedure.”

The Cervical Facet Fusion system was designed to be a complementary graft delivery solution to posterior cervical fusions. Surgeons can access the facet joint, prepare a defined fusion bed and deliver OsteoStrand MIS demineralized bone fibers. The system can be used in conjunction with SeaSpine’s posterior cervical fixation systems, including the NorthStar OCT.

“The launch of the Cervical Facet Fusion system highlights the evolution that we’ve taken in the development of new Orthobiologics products, by not only developing best-in-class DBM products, but also integrating them into new and improved fusion procedures,” said Frank Vizesi, Ph.D., Vice President, Orthobiologics Research & Development and Clinical Affairs.

The company has committed to driving an aggressive launch schedule in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic, with plans including:

  • Alpha launches for an articulating NanoMetalene with Reef Topography implant and anterior compression and disc preparation instruments
  • Alpha launches of a hinged TLIF IBD with NanoMetalene and a suite of Explorer lordotic and parallel expanding interbodies
  • Alpha launch of a suite of 3D-printed interbody devices developed in collaboration with restor3D

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