SeaSpine Fully Launches WaveForm C

By Julie A. Vetalice

SeaSpine Fully Launches WaveForm C

SeaSpine commenced full commercial launch of the WaveForm C Interbody. The system entered limited launch in 2020.

WaveForm C is the company's first cervical 3D-printed interbody. It has reportedly the highest strength-to-porosity ratio compared to other 3D-printed structures due to its proprietary continuous wave-like structure.

WaveForm C interbodies feature a 65% endplate porosity to facilitate early stability and 75% body porosity for graft flowability/packability, decreased stiffness, and improved imaging.

WaveForm C is cleared to be used in multiple contiguous levels with Shoreline® TruProfile® plating or with the Admiral™ anterior cervical plate. The WaveForm C system includes multiple footprints and lordosis options to address specific anatomical needs.

“WaveForm C employs a unique, sheet-based architecture. Years of research have led to this structure, which balances strength, porosity, and surface area, while enabling flowability of our best-in-class DBM fibers product, OsteoStrand® Plus. This feature combination offers what we believe to be market-leading clinical value in an effort to drive fusion,” said Ryan Pearson, Senior Director of Marketing, Cervical.

Source: SeaSpine

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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