SeaSpine Announces 20,000th NanoMetalene Implantation

By Julie A. Vetalice

SeaSpine marked the implantation of the 20,000th NanoMetalene®-based interbody fusion device.

NanoMetalene, a sub-micron layer of titanium that is molecularly bonded to PEEK using atomic fusion deposition, is designed to provide a bone-friendly titanium surface on endplates and throughout graft openings while retaining the benefits associated with PEEK such as biocompatibility, elasticity similar to bone and radiographic visibility.

SeaSpine has expanded NanoMetalene technology throughout its interbody portfolio, including Shoreline® ACS (cervical), Cambria™ (cervical), Hollywood™ (posterior lumbar), Hollywood™ VI (posterior lumbar), Ventura™ (posterior lumbar), Vu aPOD™ Prime (anterior lumbar) and Regatta (lateral lumbar).

Source: SeaSpine

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion