SeaSpine, 7D Surgical Enter Co-marketing Agreement

By Julie A. Vetalice

SeaSpine, 7D Surgical Enter Co-marketing Agreement

The 7D Surgical System

SeaSpine and 7D Surgical entered into a strategic alliance to integrate and co-market their combined product offerings, and develop SeaSpine-specific instrumentation for use with 7D Surgical’s Machine-vision Image Guided Surgery (MvIGS) platform for spinal and cranial surgeries. The agreement allows SeaSpine to offer customized navigation to its hospital and surgeon customers on a non-exclusive basis.

MvIGS uses novel, proprietary camera-based technology and machine-vision algorithms to address frustrations with legacy surgical navigational platforms. The system uses pre-op CT or MRI images (not x-ray or intra-op CT), then employs 3D patient digitization to provide surgical guidance accuracy. Patients can be quickly and automatically registered in almost any position using only visible light and 7D Surgical's Flash Registration™ technology, reducing exposure to radiation.

Keith Valentine, SeaSpine President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “We have been extremely impressed by 7D’s ability to improve surgical workflow and the timing of our collaboration is ideal.  With over 12 product launches expected in 2020, including limited commercial launches of our initial 3D-printed offerings and full commercial launches of our foundational Mariner system in additional market segments, such as MIS and deformity, that give us access to over $2 billion in new market opportunities, the introduction of 7D’s best-in-class navigation system further enhances our ability to offer a complete, integrated and seamless procedural solution in spine.  Equally important, by using visible light, rather than fluoroscopy, the 7D Surgical System does not expose operating room personnel to unnecessary, additional radiation.”

Product Labels: Surgical Navigation