Safe Orthopaedics Launches SORA, Virtual Operating Room Assistant for Spine Surgery

By Julie A. Vetalice

Safe Orthopaedics Launches SORA, Virtual Operating Room Assistant for Spine Surgery

Safe Orthopaedics introduced the Safe Operating Room Assistant (SORA) for inventory management, traceability and replenishment of Safe Orthopaedics' products.

Beta launch will occur in early 2021 in Europe and the U.S. Worldwide launch is slated within the next 12 to 18 months, followed by development of new clinical functionalities.

This SORA trolley stores Safe Orthopaedics' ready-to-use devices for spinal surgery. It is equipped with a web-connected touch-screen and can be easily transferred from storage areas to the O.R., offering support for:

  • Assisted selection of implants and instruments. Via the touch-screen and proprietary software developed by Safe Orthopaedics, medical staff can choose products as needed. SORA tracks the lot numbers of and products used and ensures that all relevant hospital departments are aware of what has been implanted.
  • Virtual assistance of surgeons and medical staff. The surgical documentation of all technologies contained in SORA is accessible through the software and on-line assisted surgical support. Safe Orthopaedics provides education and surgical support to surgeons and nurses to use products in the safest and most efficient way. Sales and marketing teams can be virtually invited and answer queries before, during and after procedures.
  • Automatic replenishment of devices and support of inventory management: By utilizing SORA’s automated ordering processes, Safe Orthopaedics expects to reduce the lead-time of delivery after each surgery, improve surgery planning and reduce the hospitals logistics times, resources and costs.

Pierre Dumouchel, Chairman of Safe Orthopaedics, said, "We are confident today that this innovation will help digitize the operating room and give us a valuable growth platform for the future...Over time, SORA will be improved and upgraded by additional functions such as pre-operative planning, assisted surgical techniques, navigation of implants and a new generation of patient file traceability. Thanks to the financial support of BPIfrance, we will install SORA in a few centers early 2021 and accelerate the development of new functionalities."

Product Labels: Surgical Planning

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