Safe Orthopaedics Launches Essential Instrument Kit

By Julie A. Vetalice and wire services

Following its approval under the CE Mark, Safe Orthopaedics has launched Essential, a kit containing all of the instruments needed to perform a percutaneous spinal fracture repair.

The minimally invasive percutaneous technique typically requires single-use as well as reusable devices that add a level of complexity and resource consumption to the process. Essential is designed to address issues such as the environmental and cost impact of instrument sterilization and packaging, infection risks, cross-contamination, etc.

Safe Orthopaedics has branded its first instrument kit for pedicle screw placement, the SteriSpine platform, as Original. Marketing Director Sven Claes noted, “The Essential kit enables us to reduce the number of instruments, making it significantly lighter: 28% less than the Original. It contains also two Jamshidi needles, which are usually packaged separately, offering a streamlined surgery and avoiding the opening of additional boxes and packaging wastes.”

Source: Safe Orthopaedics

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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