Safe Orthopaedics’ Key Patents Confirmed in Europe

By Julie A. Vetalice

Safe Orthopaedics’ Key Patents Confirmed in Europe

The strength of Safe Orthopaedics' patents EP 2,854,674 and 2,519,179 have been confirmed by the European Patent Office following an opposition procedure by Neo Medical.

The potential offered by the development of ready-to-use and single-use in spinal surgery has attracted new players and prompted the creation of numerous startups, in Europe and the U.S. Against this backdrop, Safe Orthopaedics claims wide coverage and the strength of its patent portfolio, with a wide scope of products covering the main indications for spinal fracture care.

To date, the company holds a portfolio of nearly 100 delivered patents, covering mainly Europe, the U.S., China, Canada and Japan. In 2019, several patents for its inventions were delivered in the U.S. (Patent No.10,219,845 for an instrument kit; 9,837,817 for a preloaded screw and 10,357,286 for a pedicle screw); in Canada (CA 2,837,817, logistics and traceability of products) and in China on an innovative implant (CN106102617B). Furthermore, Safe Orthopaedics filed new patents for spine reduction systems in 2019.

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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