Safe Orthopaedics Collaborates with Brainlab

By Julie A. Vetalice

Safe Orthopaedics Collaborates with Brainlab

Safe Orthopaedics signed a development agreement with Brainlab to make Safe Orthopaedics' spine surgery instruments navigable.

Brainlab spinal navigation allows for precise positioning of pedicle screws and a considerable reduction in x-ray exposure. This technology supports the planning of incisions and trajectories with any instrument and assists in implant positioning, especially in anatomically critical areas for mini-invasive surgery. Because it requires fewer verification images regarding precise instrument tracking, Brainlab spinal navigation provides less x-ray exposure for the surgical team and the patient.

The planned collaboration will make Safe Orthopaedics' off-the-shelf technologies compatible with Brainlab's 3D spine and trauma navigation technology.

"Safe's strategy of collaboration with leading players such as Brainlab will enable us to leverage the impact of our technology and consolidate our position as the leader in ready-to-use devices. The compatibility of SteriSpinePS 2nd generation, initiated more than a year ago, with Brainlab navigation will allow us to secure the mini-invasive act and a quick recovery of the patient," said Thomas Droulout, Technical Director and co-founder of Safe Orthopaedics.

Source: Safe Orthopaedics

Product Labels: Surgical Navigation, Spinal Fusion

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