QuadVantage Developing Quadriceps ACL Reconstruction System

By Julie A. Vetalice

QuadVantage Developing Quadriceps ACL Reconstruction System

QuadVantage Technologies has completed the development phase for its Quadriceps Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction System. Commercial launch of the specialized instrumentation and Quadriceps harvesting techniques is slated for 2H21, following completion of the final stage of biocompatibility, sterilization and packaging testing.

Results to date indicate that the system delivers better results than current ACL reconstruction techniques that utilize patellar, hamstring or allograft tendon grafts as replacements for the injured tendon. Results include:

  • stronger grafts (lower risk of failure)
  • reduced pain during recovery
  • less use of narcotics to relieve pain
  • reduced incidence of chronic pain
  • reduced rehabilitation
  • lower risk of disease transmission (vs allograft/cadaver grafts)

“For more than 40 years published studies have shown that the Quadriceps tendon approach to ACL reconstruction can provide significant advantages when compared to Hamstring Patellar or Allograft (cadaver) ACL transplants, however the surgical complexity associated with harvesting and securing the Quadriceps tendon has prevented it from becoming a widely performed procedure,” said Dr. Paul Burroughs, III, M.D., QuadVantage founder and chairman of the board. “By simplifying the Quadriceps Autograft shaping and extraction process, the QuadVantage System delivers superior patient outcomes without added complexity or significantly increased cost.”

“The system that QuadVantage has developed is set to establish a new gold standard for ACL reconstruction by addressing key issues prevalent with existing methods,” said Tom Gutierrez, QuadVantage CEO. “QuadVantage has been working for over 5 years to develop and clinically evaluate its simpler, more repeatable, and commercially viable approach. Patient and physician response have been very encouraging as we move to make our innovative system commercially available.”

Product Labels: Traditional Soft Tissue Repair