PrecisionOS Partners with Parvizi Surgical on Surgical Simulation

By Julie A. Vetalice

PrecisionOS Partners with Parvizi Surgical on Surgical Simulation

PrecisionOs inked a new investment and partnership deal with Parvizi Surgical.

PrecisionOS focuses on orthopedic applications, producing high fidelity virtual reality (VR) software for pre-operative planning and surgeon education, including surgical metrics with haptic feedback.

"This is a significant milestone for our company, which has provided world-class teaching experiences across 25 countries in over 300 cities within our medical device and institutional partner network," said Dr. Danny Goel, Founder & CEO of PrecisionOS. "Reimagining surgical education has been at the forefront of our highly advanced and innovative approach to improve patient outcomes. We are excited to introduce our partnership with PSI, which shares a similar patient-centric vision and values."

Parvizi Surgical Innovations assists its affiliate companies with research studies, product development, manufacturing, product testing. They participate in regulatory activities and clinical trials while securing intellectual property for pre-clinical and clinical use.

"The PrecisionOS platform optimizes surgical education through cutting-edge gaming and simulation capabilities while providing endless growth opportunities for industry-wide surgical advancement," said Dr. Javad Parvizi, Founder & CEO of Parvizi Surgical. "The technology offers a proven model for success given its robust clinical validation from two recent, randomized controlled trials and the support of its experienced and diverse surgeon advisory board."

Product Labels: Augmented Reality, Surgical Planning, Training Simulators