Precision Spine Launches Reform Ti Titanium Pedicle Screw

By Julie A. Vetalice

Precision Spine Launches Reform Ti Titanium Pedicle Screw

Precision Spine commenced worldwide launch of the Reform® Ti Titanium Pedicle Screw for degenerative and trauma spine procedures.

Reform Ti features a titanium tulip and triple-lead thread to deliver stability in all thoracolumbar constructs. A modified proximal tapered thread design is intended to increase the bone/screw interface to enhance pull-out strength while reducing insertion torque.

A self-starting tip on the screw combined with the system’s T25 drive feature allows a more immediate bone engagement, reliable insertion and maximum control during insertion. Hexalobular drive fittings on the bone screw and locking cap help reduce the incidence of toggle and stripping, and a square threaded locking cap geometry is designed to reduce the risk of cross-threading. A full complement of offset connectors, dominoes, hooks and cross connectors increases procedure flexibility.

“The Reform Ti System joins the rest of the Reform family of devices that bring advanced versatility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the OR,” said Chris DeNicola, Chief Operating Officer of Precision Spine.

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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