Precision Spine Launches Reform MC Posterior Lumbar Fusion System

By Julie A. Vetalice

Precision Spine Launches Reform MC Posterior Lumbar Fusion System

Precision Spine commenced U.S. launch of the Reform® MC (Midline Cortical) System, which uses a minimally disruptive approach designed to reduce muscle retraction laterally past the facet joint, and requires a smaller incision while maintaining direct visualization and access to the disc space. Reform MC is a top-loading system comprising cannulated pedicle screws, straight and lordotic rods and locking cap screws. A range of component sizes allow a match to patient anatomy.

Precision Spine Reform MC

The modular system enables intraoperative flexibility with multiple size tulips, audible attachment, consistent assembly force and a T25 drive feature. The system’s retractor minimizes muscle disruption, with 30° articulating arms and integrated dual fiber optics, and easy snap-on anatomically contoured, radiolucent blades in multiple length options.

“The Reform MC System is an important step forward in the expansion of our Reform family of devices as we continue working with surgeons to design and commercialize advancements that combine versatility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness,” said Chris DeNicola, Chief Operating Officer.

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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