PeekMed and DJO Surgical to Develop Technological Orthopedic Solutions

By Julie A. Vetalice

PeekMed and DJO Surgical to Develop Technological Orthopedic Solutions

PeekMed® is developing a new technological strategic partnership to develop new technological solutions for orthopedics with DJO, a subsidiary of Colfax.

This partnership leverages the respective strengths of DJO and its market-leading surgical business and PeekMed to create compelling value for the orthopedic market and both companies’ customers. This partnership strategically aligns both companies for growth in the long term by combining DJO’s worldwide experience and presence with PeekMed’s dedicated focus and expertise as an innovative technological player for orthopedic surgeons.

PeekMed has developed a surgical planning system that employs 3D and artificial intelligence technologies. The system allows the planning of surgery and simulation of different outcomes and implant sizes in seconds.

“For PeekMed®, this is another step in our expansion strategy,” said PeekMed’s founder and CEO, João Pedro Ribeiro. “We are very proud to establish this partnership with a brand like DJO Surgical. It is well-known worldwide for its quality and experience as a manufacturer of various orthopedic products, and it is working side by side with us, as they recognize the value and quality of our technology to the market, to their customers, and their partners. PeekMed® is growing and we want to do it together with partners like DJO Surgical."

“We are very excited about our new partnership with PeekMed®,” said Louie Vogt, President and General Manager of DJO Surgical. “PeekMed’s leading-edge technologies provide an opportunity to improve both patient care and the efficiency of the surgical supply chain to ultimately drive better clinical outcomes.”

PeekMed and DJO intend this strategic partnership to be a significant opportunity to demonstrate the positive impact and potential of technology in the field. Both companies aim not only to improve the sustainability of the surgical panorama but also to improve how this affects the whole healthcare ecosystem.

Source: PeekMed

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