Patient Satisfaction from MicroPort Evolution Knee

By Julie A. Vetalice

Results from retrospective, comparative study indicate that patients who underwent medial-pivot total knee arthroplasty (MP TKA) with the MicroPort Orthopaedics Evolution® system scored significantly better on the Forgotten Joint Score vs. those undergoing posterior-stabilized TKA. In other words—they were more likely to forget that they had a knee done.

The study evaluated 164 patients (76 MP-TKA and 88 PS-TKA) at one year. FJS is described as a recently developed validated measure of post-op patient satisfaction, and uses a 12-item questionnaire to gauge the patients’ ability to forget their artificial joint in everyday life. This is reportedly the first study to compare MP vs. PS-TKA using the FJS as a primary outcome measure.

Source: MicroPort Orthopedics
MicroPort Evolution Medial-Pivot Knee


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