Paragon 28 Launches Silverback Ankle Fusion Plates

By Julie A. Vetalice

Paragon 28 commenced launch of the Silverback™ Ankle Fusion Plating System to address tibiotalar and tibiotalocalcaneal ankle arthrodesis for anterior and lateral approaches.

Silverback is designed to address challenges including:

  • Ability to support soft tissue closure and limit neurovascular disruption, particularly in areas with limited soft tissue availability
  • Varied anatomies and deformities requiring diverse anatomic plate designs and contouring capabilities
  • Difficulty in achieving uniform compression across the entire joint
  • Ability to access all joint surfaces and ensure adequate preparation

Offered in a single case/tray, Silverback comprises 18 low profile (1.5 mm – 3.5 mm) anatomically contoured plates. The crossing screw is placed by the company's PRECISION® Guide technology to provide compression and stability across the entire joint while avoiding interference with the on-axis plate screws. Seven bone-specific plate screw options fix the plate to the tibia, talus and calcaneus.

Paragon 28 Silverback - ORTHOWORLD

Source: Paragon 28, Inc.

Product Labels: Lower Extremity

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