Over 700 Patients Treated with Conventus Cage

By Julie A. Vetalice

Over 700 patients have been treated Conventus Orthopaedics' expandable fracture cage. The nitinol-based Conventus Cage™ expands within bone to inhibit collapse of the fracture, providing a rigid internal scaffold.

Conventus has five FDA-cleared upper extremity indications, and is pursuing lower extremity and other skeletal areas.  Clinical follow-up of initial cage implantations is over four years.

Sources: Conventus Orthopaedics, Inc.; ORTHOWORLD Inc.


Paul Buckman, President and CEO of Conventus, participated in a hand/wrist product roundtable for ORTHOPRENEUR® in early 2016.

ORTHOPRENEUR: What are surgeons asking for? What recent products have you launched or developed in response to surgeon requests?

Buckman: Safe and efficacious products are the “price of poker” for most surgeons. As their operating caseload increases and premiums are put on OR time, most surgeons are seeking products that can offer a safer, more predictable, faster and easier to use offering. OR time is money for both surgeons and hospitals, so this is important.

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