Osso VR Gains Funding in Support of Virtual Reality Surgical Training

By Julie A. Vetalice

Osso VR, developer of a virtual reality surgical training and assessment platform, received $222,596 from the National Science Foundation. Funds will support research and development to advance the product with automation and artificial intelligence technology.

The Osso VR offering provides realistic, haptic-enhanced interactions in an immersive, repeatable training environment–an alternative to cadaver lab education. Individuals or teams wearing off-the-shelf gaming hardware, like Oculus, insert themselves into a virtual O.R. with all they need to perform a procedure. Users are scored after each training module based on mastery of steps, precision and efficiency.

Osso VR is currently focused on training for orthopedic and spine procedures, but will also expand to other specialties.

Justin Barad, M.D. and CEO of Osso VR, commented, “Having a validated, objective and scalable assessment tool is a critical component of surgical safety, as it is has been proven that a surgeon’s skill is directly correlated with patient outcomes. This grant indicates growing support for solving one of medicine’s greatest challenges that will safely provide patients with the highest value procedures and technologies available to them.”

Sources: Healthcare Dive, OssoVR.com; BONEZONE®

Product Labels: Training Simulators

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