Osseus Fusion Launches Aries-TC Interbody Fusion Device

By Julie A. Vetalice

Osseus Fusion Launches Aries-TC Interbody Fusion Device

Osseus Fusion Systems officially launched Aries™-TC, its 3D-printed transforaminal curved interbody fusion device.

Aries devices are constructed from highly porous, 3D-printed titanium optimized for bone fusion and biological fixation using PL3XUS, Osseus’ proprietary 3D-printing technology. PL3XUS titanium technology utilizes Selective Laser Melting to create a three-dimensional diamond lattice network with roughened surface topography designed to promote bony fusion onto, into, and throughout the device.

The Aries-TC lumbar interbody fusion device comes in a wide variety of footprints, heights and lordotic angles, to accommodate patient anatomy.

“This marks the second anniversary of the Aries™ 3D-printed lumbar interbody line. In early 2019 we released the Aries™-L, Lateral Lumbar Interbody System and in early 2020 we launched the Aries™-TS, Transforaminal Straight Lumbar Interbody System. We are very excited to continue the release of products in the Aries™ line with the launch of the Aries™-TC, Transforaminal Curved Interbody System,” said Robert Pace, CEO of Osseus Fusion Systems.

The next Osseus 3D printed interbody to hit the market will be the Pisces-SA Standalone ALIF Interbody System later in 2021.

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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