Ortoma Launches OTS 5 Surgical Planning System

By Julie A. Vetalice

Ortoma Launches OTS 5 Surgical Planning System

Ortoma released the latest version of the company’s Ortoma Treatment Solution (OTS), based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). OTS 5 is a platform for orthopedic implant planning and placement. The product has regulatory clearance in Europe and the U.S. for use in hip procedures. This is the most recent update since launch of OTS 4 in late 2019.

OTS 5 includes improved and new functionalities, including improved usability both before and during surgery. OTS 5 includes both an Ortoma Plan and an Ortoma Guide.

Workflows have been improved and functionality added in the pre-surgical software Ortoma Plan. The system now includes an optimized algorithm based on AI to assist with implant selection and positioning in a shorter time.

In Ortoma Guide, which is used during surgery, both software and the new accessories to OTS have been improved. The workflow is more intuitive, and new accessories significantly reduce the time for preparing for surgery. Accessories can be produced in large volumes at low cost, substantially increasing competitiveness of the system.

“OTS 5 is the result of feedback from clinical partners and market research identifying the needs of potential commercialization partners. We are convinced that the updated platform will have a big impact on both patients and care providers globally. In addition, all parts of the system can now be sold at very competitive prices. I am proud that we have completed this launch during the ongoing pandemic, with increased scope and within the original planned timeline. Our staff has done a great job” said Linus Byström, CEO of Ortoma.

Product Labels: Hip Replacement, Surgical Planning

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