OrthoSensor in Strategic Partnership with Electronics Company IM-Tech

By Julie A. Vetalice

OrthoSensor entered into a strategic partnership with IM-Tech to support R&D collaboration, manufacturing and capital investments in electronics technology in the global commercialization of VERASENSE™.

The disposable VERASENSE device, used in total knee arthroplasty, employs proprietary sensor and communications technologies to deliver data wirelessly to support evidence-based decisions on ligament/soft tissue balance and implant position in real time.

Based in South Korea, IM-Tech manufactures electronic components for telecommunications and consumer electronics industries. Their products represent a fusion of materials and electronic circuits.

Source: OrthoSensor, Inc.


In early 2014, one-year results from a prospective multi-center evaluation of the VERASENSE Knee System indicated that patients with quantifiably balanced knees scored higher on pain and functional assessments and reported higher overall satisfaction vs. those with non-quantifiably balanced knees, with 97% reporting that they were satisfied to very satisfied.

Product Labels: Knee Replacement

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