OrthoPediatrics Announces 1,000th Procedure with PNP | FEMUR

By Julie A. Vetalice

OrthoPediatrics Announces 1,000th Procedure with PNP | FEMUR

OrthoPediatrics achieved the milestone of completion of the 1,000th surgery using its Pediatric Nailing Platform | FEMUR (PNP | FEMUR). The system is designed to address pediatric anatomies when treating femoral fractures and deformity correction.

PNP | FEMUR, which received FDA 510(k) clearance in 2018, features a suite of instrumentation offering distinct child and adolescent implant options optimized for small stature trauma and deformity procedures. Child-sized nails range from 7mm to 9mm, while adolescent-sized nails range from 9mm to 12mm.

Joe Hauser, Vice President of Trauma & Deformity Correction, said, "The PNP|FEMUR is actually OP’s 2nd generation nailing system, which improved upon almost a decade of learnings from the original PediNail system. Being the first to design and launch a pediatric nailing system, we have an obligation to take those learnings and improve."

Product Labels: Shoulder Replacement