OrthoMend Acquires License to Absorbable Bone Fixation, Repair Technologies

By Julie A. Vetalice

OrthoMend Research acquired from Temple University researchers an exclusive license to develop novel absorbable bone fixation and regenerative repair technologies for commercial use.

OrthoMend will commence manufacture and testing of the NanoDiamond technology, which comprises a suite of fixation and drug delivery devices such as absorbable screws and pins.

Other absorbable materials in 2016 news included:

  • Abyrx's resorbable and absorbable hemostatic bone putties
  • Bioretec's bioabsorbable Activa implants
  • Bone Solutions' magnesium-based, bioabsorbable OsteoCrete adhesive compound

Sources: OrthoMend Research, Inc.; ORTHOWORLD, Inc.

Product Labels: Hip Replacement

Tags: M&A