OrthoGrid Systems Launches Trauma Software Application for ORIF

By Julie A. Vetalice

OrthoGrid Systems Launches Trauma Software Application for ORIF

OrthoGrid Systems launched a new OrthoGrid Trauma application for its Surgical Digital Platform. OrthoGrid Trauma is a patented, distortion-correcting and revolutionary surgery navigation software application that provides a unique digital intraoperative-alignment technology for Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF).

OrthoGrid's Universal Trauma application aims to provide surgeons and support staff performing ORIF procedures with an intraoperative navigation system. OrthoGrid Trauma supports both the Open Reduction phase of Trauma procedures which accounts for most of the operating time and radiation exposure, and the Internal Fixation phase of Trauma procedures, which includes temporary fixation (with use of k-wires, guide pins, screws), to hold reduction and final implantation.

Fluoroscopic image distortion correction, image overlay (contra-lateral side or other), angles and calibrated measurements tools are available to support the surgeon in Reduction assessments. As for Temporary and Final Fixation Execution, surgeons can now use the intelligence technology powering the Virtual Guide Wire tool for automatic detection, tracking and projection as well as the Virtual 2D Depth Gauge.

These tools, plus image annotation features, support the surgeon with guidance in executing all trauma deformity correction and fracture applications: ankle, hip, distal femur, proximal tibia, wrist, shoulder, elbow and long bone.

Source: OrthoGrid Systems

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