OrthoGrid Systems’ First Successful Test of AI-Powered Software

By Julie A. Vetalice

OrthoGrid Systems’ First Successful Test of AI-Powered Software

OrthoGrid Systems completed the first successful testing of its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software solution in a live trauma surgery. This milestone allows further development of the technology for other intraoperative applications.

In addition to achieving this advancement, OrthoGrid has addressed issues such as fluoroscopic distortion correction, a critical step to improving accuracy in orthopedic surgery. The company will focus on further testing and optimization of its AI-powered software, which is slated for integration with its FDA-cleared universal trauma application in 2H20.

PhantomMSK software works with all manufacturer devices to assist with implant, instrument and anatomic alignments that use fluoroscopic imaging. It is reportedly the only intraoperative alignment technology to correct fluoroscopic image distortion in orthopedic surgery.

The software uses a fluoroscopic image that is acquired from a C-arm outside of the sterile field. OrthoGrid's intelligence-guided systems work within the surgical theater flow with existing hospital equipment.

"This is a huge step towards image-guided automation made possible by our advanced, deep learning-based algorithms applied to a specific, yet universal, use case in orthopedic surgery," said Richard Boddington, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of OrthoGrid.

"At first, automation is meant to augment or disrupt the method by which a standard practice is executed, not the established practice itself. Our aim is to support surgeons' ability to be more proficient in what they know how and love to do: Operate," said Edouard Saget, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of OrthoGrid.


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