OrthoGrid Launches New Hip Preservation Software Application

By Julie A. Vetalice

OrthoGrid Launches New Hip Preservation Software Application

OrthoGrid Systems launched its new OrthoGrid Hip Preservation Application after receiving FDA clearance in February 2021. The OrthoGrid Hip Preservation App is the latest version of OrthoGrid's patented, distortion correcting, intraoperative-alignment technology for Peri-Acetabular Osteotomy and Femoroplasty.

OrthoGrid Hip Preservation represents a non-invasive navigation App available to surgeons for the intraoperative surgical treatment of the pre-arthritic hip. The addition of the OrthoGrid Hip Preservation application to the OrthoGrid digital navigation platform now offers surgeons a suite of tools designed to enable them to achieve their surgical goals with greater accuracy and efficiency.

This latest application is the only system on the market that corrects the distortion existing in most imaging tools used in the operating room, a source of possible significant errors in the assessment of key measurements. Along with this most important upgrade, surgeons can enjoy a seamless integration in their workflow of all the measurement and assessment tools they depend on to ensure reproducible outcomes in these age sensitive procedures.

Source: OrthoGrid Systems

Product Labels: Hip Replacement, Surgical Planning

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