Orthofix Launches Opus Bone Void Filler

By Julie A. Vetalice

Orthofix Launches Opus Bone Void Filler

Orthofix Medical commenced full market launch of the Opus™ Mg Set osteoconductive scaffold, a synthetic magnesium-based bone void filler for orthopedic procedures.

Opus Mg Set provides a procedure-specific solution for orthopedic fracture care and trauma applications by filling non-structural bony voids or gaps during surgery. Available in both a moldable and injectable form, Opus Mg Set provides immediate compressive strength at the surgical site post-implantation. When injected or placed into bony voids or gaps, Opus Mg Set forms a supportive scaffold to help facilitate the natural bone-healing process.

Opus Mg Set is a synthetic magnesium-based solution. The magnesium phosphate crystallizes to give thixotropic properties and high compressive strength. Additionally, magnesium is important in bone healing as it supports proliferation of osteogenic cells, enhances new bone formation, and stimulates proteins for bone regeneration. Preclinical studies on Opus Mg Set have shown greater than 80-percent bone remodeling in 26 weeks.

Source: Orthofix Medical

Product Labels: Synthetic Bone Graft

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