Ortho Development Signs Agreement for China Distribution of Balanced Knee

By Julie A. Vetalice

Ortho Development granted exclusive rights to China Pioneer Pharma (CPP) for distribution of the Balanced Knee® system (BKS) in the People’s Republic of China.

Medical device registration is complete, and CPP will commence marketing immediately. The first regional BKS procedure is expected to occur in early 2018. CPP has access to ~30,000 hospitals and medical institutions throughout the area.

BKS implants and instrumentation address primary and revision procedures; >70,000 of the devices are implanted worldwide. A patented locking mechanism is designed to minimize micro-motion between the plastic tibial insert and titanium tibial baseplates.

Source: Ortho Development Corporation

The Chinese government has prioritized medical device development, as well as local and international investments by domestic device companies. These initiatives, along with shifts in OEM-to-hospital distribution channels and newly-structured tiered healthcare, are expected to affect the orthopaedic market. Orthopaedics continues to grow in the mid- to high teens in the region, and in 2016, orthopaedic implant revenue reached about RMB 20 billion (~US $3.0BB), according to Helen Chen of L.E.K. Consulting. —from BONEZONE®, February 2017

Product Labels: Knee Replacement

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