OpLogix Launches Cloud-based Software for Implant Management

By Julie A. Vetalice

OrthoSecure changed its name to OpLogix and launched its cloud-based software suite of tools that support implant selection and availability for hip and knee arthroplasties. The OpLogix suite ensures that the right devices are available, ready and selected, extending OrthoSecure© web-based technology to an entire implant lifecycle.

Used alone or in combination, Prepare™, Verify™, Supply™ and Analyze™ modules support scheduling, implant availability, confirmation, procurement, ordering and reporting services.

OpLogix plans to extend the suite to manage implants in other therapeutic areas.

Source: OpLogix


In early 2014, Dr. Steven Haas launched OrthoSecure as a compatibility platform, providing a common visual aid for implant labels during surgery. OrthoSecure has been used in over 20,000 joint replacement procedures, to date.

For orthopaedic device companies that want to help the hospital manage quality and cost demands, Dr. Haas is participating in an OMTEC 2016 keynote. He will explain how technology can modernize the orthopaedic supply chain, including inventory management and the device labeling process, to eliminate "never events."

Product Labels: Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement