Onkos Surgical Launches ELEOS Proximal Tibia with BioGrip Technology

By Julie A. Vetalice

Onkos Surgical Launches ELEOS Proximal Tibia with BioGrip Technology

Onkos Surgical debuted the new ELEOS™ Proximal Tibia with BioGrip technology. The product, used in complex tumor and orthopedic reconstructive procedures, is reported to be the first FDA-cleared, 3D-printed limb salvage replacement.

In 2017, Onkos completed the first ELEOS™ Limb Salvage procedure using uDesign™ Patient Solutions.

The uDesign interactive experience supports personalized planning for patients to visualize the surgical plan.

BioGrip and its 3D-printed porous structure will be leveraged in future innovations across the ELEOS Limb Salvage line of products and other personalized implant solutions.

The ELEOS Proximal Tibia with BioGrip is designed to address challenges associated with proximal tibial replacement. BioGrip 3D-printed technology provides a consistent porous structure on the implant in key anatomical areas to support bone and soft tissue apposition.

"2020 was an incredibly gratifying year for Onkos Surgical. We launched four new products - our New ELEOS Proximal Femoral Replacement, ELEOS Proximal Tibia with BioGrip, GenVie™ Magnesium Bone Scaffold, and uDesign™ on Demand personalized surgical planning – all of which have brought innovation and focused improvements to surgeons and patients. Our new U.S. partnership with Integrum AB to distribute the OPRA™ osseointegration device has meant improved quality of life for amputee patients. We continue to invest heavily in our R&D engine to ensure we maintain a consistent drumbeat of new product introductions that will provide meaningful advancements for our surgeons and the patients they care for." - Patrick Treacy, Co-Founder and CEO

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