Onkos Surgical, 3D Systems Partner for Surgical Oncology Tools

By Julie A. Vetalice

Onkos Surgical signed a 4-year agreement with 3D Systems to develop patient-specific tools for use in tumor reconstruction in the pelvis and long bones.

Specifically, Onkos gains priority access to 3D Systems' VSP® (Virtual Surgical Planning) for orthopaedics, as well as 3D-printed anatomical models, to help prepare for procedures. The two will also pursue next-gen FDA 510(k) clearances for 3D-printed implants and instruments for tumor reconstruction.

VSP technology received FDA clearance for craniomaxillofacial applications under the company Medical Modeling, which was acquired by 3D Systems in 2014. VSP combines medical imaging, surgical simulation and additive manufacturing to create personalized treatments and patient-specific medical devices.

Source: Onkos Surgical, Inc.

Product Labels: Lower Extremity

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