OMTEC 2016 Keynote Speakers Announced

By Julie A. Vetalice

Hospital for Special Surgery’s Steven Haas, M.D. and A.T. Kearney’s Bill Tribe, Ph.D. will deliver futurist insights to orthopaedic industry stakeholders at OMTEC 2016.

As industry professionals along the entire supply chain convene for education, networking and problem-solving to advance the specialty of orthopaedics at OMTEC, the views of Dr. Steven Haas and Dr. Bill Tribe will lend perspective—encouraging attendees to consider today’s decisions in light of their impact several years down the line.

An extreme combination of disruptors impacts the overall orthopaedic industry intensely – but how do they impact you? Dr. Tribe’s Keynote Address will take into account the uniqueness of the OMTEC audience: large and small OEMs, Suppliers and Service Providers, proposing approaches to help you navigate toward a more relevant, lucrative business model – regardless of where you are in the process. 

Inefficiencies in implant delivery impact surgical outcomes and lead to greater costs for the hospital and manufacturer. How can OEMs assist their hospital partners in meeting quality and cost demands? Dr. Haas' Keynote Address will explain how technology can modernize the orthopaedic supply chain, including inventory management and the device labeling process, and eliminate "never events." A more efficient supply chain could be used to offset the cost of newer or improved implants.

Review the growing OMTEC 2016 education lineup online. 

Source: ORTHOWORLD, Inc.