Nvision Biomedical Launches 3D-Printed Anterior Cervical Plate

By Julie A. Vetalice

Nvision Biomedical Launches 3D-Printed Anterior Cervical Plate

Nvision Biomedical Technologies and Watershed Idea Foundry received FDA clearance to market what is reportedly first-ever completely additive manufactured titanium anterior cervical plate, the Quantum Titanium Cervical Plate System.

Quantum offers multiple specialized features, including a nested assembly in which the screw-locking cover is 3D-printed as a single unit inside the anterior cervical plate, and dual-plate finishes with a textured posterior surface and smooth, polished anterior surface. Enhanced screw holes accommodate 30 degrees of cephalad/caudal angulation, which allow the surgeon to use a shorter plate. Additionally, the Quantum system incorporates Structural Encoding® capabilities to address FDA Unique Device Identification (UDI) requirements.

Nvision’s Senior Vice President of Product Development, Tom Zink, said, “By additive manufacturing the Quantum system, we leveraged design options that were not available with machined plates. The active locking system is integrally printed within the plates, and therefore never assembled, which means the locks cannot become unassembled in the surgical field. The posterior side of the Quantum plates present texture to allow for osteointegration and is designed to allow the plate to absorb load that with traditional plates is fully on the screws. With the hyper angulation of the screw holes design, the surgeon has the option to place the screws as far away from adjacent levels as possible.”

Source: Nvision Biomedical Technologies

Product Labels: Cervical Spine, Spinal Fusion

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