NuVasive Proprietary Porous PEEK Used In First XLIF Cases

By Julie A. Vetalice

NuVasive announced the first-case uses of Cohere® XLIF, its lateral Porous PEEK™ implant for extreme lateral interbody fusion (XLIF®) and lateral single-position surgery. The device is now part of an ongoing prospective multicenter study to evaluate advanced implant technologies in XLIF procedures, which was announced in 2018.

Cohere XLIF is the first product launch for XLIF and lateral single-position surgery applications using Porous PEEK technology. NuVasive offers porous interbody devices in both PEEK (Cohere and Coalesce™) and titanium materials (Modulus® implants) to address surgeon preference.

Cohere XLIF was developed from technology acquired from Vertera in 2017.

Sources: NuVasive, Inc.; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

Tags: Product Launch