NuVasive Enters Supply Agreement with Diamond Orthopedic

By Julie A. Vetalice

NuVasive Enters Supply Agreement with Diamond Orthopedic

Diamond Orthopedic will supply faceted bone screws for the NuVasive Specialized Orthopedics (NSO) PRECICE® Plate for limb lengthening and reconstruction. PRECICE addresses pediatric applications or patients with small anatomy who cannot accommodate a lengthening device that is traditionally implanted within bone.

The agreement covers supply of locking and non-locking faceted threadform screws in a new system that is designed to affix to the outside of a patient’s bone to avoid potential damage to the growth plate. Diamond Orthopedic screws secure the plate during bone lengthening.

Diamond’s patented design allows surgeons to insert faceted screws into bone with reduced insertional torque and increased screw pullout. Studies have demonstrated an improved bone/screw interface versus traditional helical threadforms.

Diamond Orthopedic received FDA 510(k) clearance for the sterile faceted screw in 2018.

“This is a significant vote of confidence in the value proposition of faceted bone screws,” said Roy Bivens, CEO of Diamond Orthopedic. “Faceted bone screws offer unparalleled fixation, and we are especially proud to have the opportunity to bring this technology to pediatric cases as a part of NSO’s new PRECICE plating system that elevates the standard of care for pediatric patients with limb length discrepancy.”

Product Labels: Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity