NGMedical Launches BEE HA Cervical Cage

By Julie A. Vetalice

NGMedical Launches BEE HA Cervical Cage

NGMedical introduced the BEE® HA cage within CE Mark-approved regions. BEE HA is an anatomically shaped cervical interbody made of PEEK-OPTIMA™ HA Enhanced developed by Invibio Biomaterial Solutions.

BEE HA was developed to maintain elasticity that is similar to bone and radiolucency of the cage body. Hydroxyapatite is fully integrated into, as opposed to coated on, the PEEK-OPTIMA matrix.

NGMedical has submitted the device for FDA 510(k) clearance.

NGMedical's other launched products include the MOVE-C® cervical disc and the BEE 3D Ti Cervical Interbody Cage.

Product Labels: Cervical Spine

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