Nextremity Solutions, Fort Wayne Metals Partner on Magnesium Alloy

By Julie A. Vetalice

Nextremity Solutions, Fort Wayne Metals Partner on Magnesium Alloy

Nextremity Solutions entered into an exclusive supply agreement to use Fort Wayne Metals' magnesium-based alloy for use in orthopedic implants, supporting efforts to quickly bring a resorbable medical-grade technology to market.

Nextremity Solutions intends to leverage the benefits of this material to develop an entire orthopedic product portfolio, handling research and development, regulatory clearance and establishing appropriate in-house manufacturing processes and procedures to be able to supply finished product.

“This has been years in the making,” said Jeremy Rohrs, President and COO of Fort Wayne Metals. “The development of any new alloy involves carefully balancing multiple characteristics. With a resorbable alloy, some of these characteristics change over time, which gave our R&D team a whole new level of complexity to deal with.”

“We are excited about this technology and the opportunity to make it available to a strategic partner for further expansion in the musculoskeletal marketplace. We believe it will not only provide incredible benefit to patients, but also provide a strategic partner with a truly differentiating product offering across various segments of orthopedics,” said Rod K. Mayer, CEO & President of Nextremity Solutions.

Product Labels: Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity