Nanovis Launches FortiCore Interbodies with New Nanosurface Technology

By Julie A. Vetalice

Nanovis commenced full launch of bioceramic nanotube-enhanced FortiCore® interbodies following a successful alpha launch. Nanotubes are applied to a deeply porous, fully interconnected titanium scaffold intermolded with a PEEK core for preferred modulus and ease of x-ray visualization. The porous Ti material is licensed from Sites Medical.

Nanovis plans to apply the nanotube surface to its whole portfolio of spinal implants. Presently the company is commercializing the deeply porous Ti scaffold available with the FortiCore line, an advanced nano-tube surface technology, a bactericidal surface technology in pre-clinical studies and a localized infection technology targeting anti-microbial resistant bacteria, also in pre-clinical studies.

Source: Nanovis

Tags: Product Launch