MiRus Raises $65 Million for Expansion of Rhenium-based Medical Devices

By Julie A. Vetalice

MiRus Raises $65 Million for Expansion of Rhenium-based Medical Devices

MiRus completed a highly oversubscribed $65 million funding round for growth of its spine and extremity portfolios and development of structural heart disease solutions using its proprietary Rhenium-based alloys (MoRe®).

MiRus has broad global patent coverage for all medical implants made from Rhenium-based superalloys which have superior mechanical strength, fatigue resistance and dramatically better biological performance as compared to traditional titanium, cobalt and nickel-based alloys used in medical implants.

MiRus spine implants are distributed through leading hospitals and surgery centers around the country. Mahesh Krishnan, Chief Commercial Officer, said, "Over the last two years, spine surgeons have been highly enthusiastic regarding our lumbar and cervical products and in response we are rapidly expanding our product portfolio with launches of highly innovative offerings for expandable and standalone interbodies, adult and pediatric deformity systems and posterior cervical systems. We are also thrilled to be launching GALILEO™ RPM (Remote Physiologic Monitoring), the only spine surgery focused outcomes and analytics platform. We are rapidly expanding our national sales and distribution network with multiple contracts with GPO, IDN, IHN and regional health networks around the country."

Source: MiRus

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