Merete Technologies Launches PediatrOS RigidTack/FlexTack Epiphysiodesis Staples

By Julie A. Vetalice

Merete Technologies launched PediatrOS™ RigidTack™/FlexTack™ novel epiphysiodesis staples. The devices received FDA 510(k) clearance in 12/15 to guide growth in children and adolescents with leg length differences and angular deformities.

The titanium alloy staples combine an optimized, anatomical fit available in multiple sizes with a 30-minute, minimally invasive surgical technique.

Source: Merete Technologies, Inc., Subsidiary of Merete Medical GmbH

Merete will display its technologies Booth No. #2229 at the 2016 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting. Add them to your list of exhibitors to meet in Orlando.

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