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Orthopedic Market Data and Business Intelligence.
ORTHOWORLD Members hail from more than 30 countries and represent device companies, suppliers, analysts and entrepreneurial-minded surgeons. They share the desire to stay informed, make smart decisions and thrive.

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  • Grow your orthopedic knowledge
  • Bolster your orthopedic business models
  • Improve and leverage business forecasts
  • Empower yourself with strategic intelligence

This report is the most coveted of Membership Benefits and renowned as an extraordinary value. Members tell us that they use the report to validate their internal numbers and forecasts, identify acquisition targets, execute competitive analysis and educate new colleagues.
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Supplier Directory

The most comprehensive database of orthopedic-focused suppliers on the planet. Engineers, manufacturing executives, supply chain managers, and all those who seek to bring innovative, life-changing products to patients around the globe use this directory to identify quality partners.


The orthopedic industry’s predominant source for daily strategic intelligence. Hand-selected business critical information is delivered directly to your email inbox each business day. The website provides expanded coverage.

Market Intelligence Reports

The menu of reports and data downloads is continuously changing but you can always count on an accurate list of company mergers and acquisitions, market segment data and infographs as well as public and private company revenue figures and projections.

Member Bulletin

Strategic insights into the orthopedic industry’s most current and critical challenges, as well as Member success stories. PDFs are available for download each month, and Members who choose a "physical" Membership will receive copies in the mail. Sample copies are available from our LinkedIn page.

Merger and Acquisition Tracker ($)

This worksheet contains orthopedic industry mergers and acquisitions spanning 1993 through 2020. Acquisitions are organized by year, quarter, and companies involved. Members Save 50%.

ORTHOWORLD eNewsletter

Emailed once a month and containing a selection of 3 to 5 of the most important, relevant articles and analysis from ORTHOWORLD’s arsenal. Members enjoy unrestricted access. (Non-members may subscribe at no charge, but access to some content is restricted.)

Device Company Directory

All known companies from around the world are published to the directory and sortable by parent-style product categories such as Trauma, and their child categories such as Lower Extremity IM Nails, Wires/Pins/Staples, etc.