Medtronic Expands Minimally Invasive Spine Ecosystem

By Julie A. Vetalice

Medtronic Expands Minimally Invasive Spine Ecosystem

Medtronic announced the latest additions to its minimally invasive spine surgery ecosystem, making it the only company to combine spinal implants, biologics, navigation, robotics and AI-powered data for surgeons and patients.

New additions to the Medtronic MIS+ portfolio include:

Catalyft™ PL and PL40, the first releases in the new Catalyft™ Expandable Interbody System. Catalyft™ PL and PL40 feature a unique design for anterior rim engagement, a beveled tip for ease of insertion, seamless integration with StealthStation™ Navigation, simplified bone graft delivery, and active expansion at the precise angle and lift that surgeons need for minimally invasive, patient-specific solutions to meet sagittal alignment goals.

The Space-D™ Access System, which enables pedicle-screw-based distraction, retraction and compression, compatible with Medtronic's leading MIS screw system, CD Horizon™ Solera™ Voyager™, enabling simpler, all-in-one access for surgeons, making procedures more efficient and reproducible.

Accelerate™ Graft Delivery System with Grafton™ DBF, which enables more controlled and efficient delivery of graft material into the disc space or other locations. Accelerate enables placement of more bone graft2 to facilitate fusion and is nine-times faster than traditional graft delivery methods.3 Bone grafting is also more controlled and easier for surgeons to visualize.

The new additions to Medtronic's MIS+ portfolio create the most complete MIS+ TLIF solution available for surgeons. A complete procedural solution allows surgeons to provide the benefits of minimally invasive spine care – including lower infection and complication rates, less blood loss, smaller incisions, reduced hospital stays and less pain – to more patients. Compared to open TLIF, MIS+TLIF requires a smaller incision and less muscle and tissue disruption, which can mean a faster recovery time after the operation. Together, these technologies improve clinical and economic value while reducing OR time with a fully streamlined procedure.

Source: Medtronic

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