MedShape Launches DynaClip Forte NiTiNOL Bone Fixation

By Julie A. Vetalice

MedShape Launches DynaClip Forte NiTiNOL Bone Fixation

MedShape commenced full U.S. commercial launch of the DynaClip Forte® Bone Fixation System. Its four-leg inline design and superelastic NiTiNOL technology, was designed to meet anatomic and mechanical requirements of certain high load-bearing applications, such as first tarsometatarsal fusion.

DynaClip Forte's low profile 4-leg design allows the implant to rest on the bone while providing improved dynamic compression and rotational stability, as compared with 2-leg staples. Pre-loaded on a low-profile, disposable Inserter, DynaClip Forte includes a broad bridge with a thick leg design to eliminate stress concentrations at the corners of the staple providing better strength and fatigue resistence. A disposable procedure pack includes all instrumentation compatible with two size offerings.

DynaClip Forte builds off the clinical success of the 2-leg DynaClip staple, launched in 2019.

Jeremy Blair, Chief Technology Officer at MedShape, said, "The Forte plate-like staple takes dynamic fixation to the next level, significantly improving mechanical performance metrics across the board, while maintaining the procedural ease and speed that surgeons come to expect with the DynaClip system."

Product Labels: Trauma Ankle/Foot/Toe

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