Medacta’s MectaScrew PEEK Implanted in the U.S.

By Julie A. Vetalice

Medacta’s MectaScrew PEEK Implanted in the U.S.

Medacta MectaScrew PEEK -

Medacta marked completion of the first U.S. surgery using its MectaScrew PEEK Interference Screw for ligament refixation. This represents the company's entrance into the U.S. sports medicine market.

MectaScrew PEEK, which gained FDA 510(k) clearance in 2Q19, is one of the company's most recent sports medicine offerings. It is intended for use in arthroscopy and indicated for reconstructive treatment of ruptured anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments for hamstring and bone-tendon-bone repairs.

The system features a blunt thread to shield the graft from laceration while ensuring fixation strength, as well as sharp threads at the driver tip that gradually increase in width as the screw goes from distal to proximal to facilitate screw insertion. The driver tip design that supports strong retention of the screw once positioned on the instrument tip.

This procedure follows the first single bundle ACL performed in Australia in 3Q19 and the first PEEK suture anchor in 4Q19, also in Australia.

Product Labels: Traditional Soft Tissue Repair

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