Limacorporate Launches 3D-Printed Delta TT Pro Acetabular System

By Julie A. Vetalice and wire services

LimaCorporate introduced the 3D Printed DELTA TT Pro Acetabular System, with enlarged bearing options specifically designed to serve the U.S. market.

The DELTA TT Pro cup uses proprietary Trabecular Titanium, which was developed to optimize primary fixation and encourage bone integration. The technology will also be employed to build custom implants for complex joint reconstruction, such as those to be manufactured by the company's collaboration with Hospital for Special Surgery in the first 3D printing facility to be established on hospital grounds.

DELTA TT Pro includes new LimaVit® liners and additional bearing options. LimaVit highly cross-linked polyethylene + Vitamin E has been in clinical use in Europe for many years.

Source: LimaCorporate

Product Labels: Hip Replacement

Tags: Product Launch