Life Spine Launches SIMPACT TRI-FIN Sacroiliac Joint Fixation Screws

By Julie A. Vetalice

Life Spine commenced alpha launch of SIMPACT™ TRI-FIN, a sacroiliac joint fixation screw system featuring the proprietary OSSEO-LOC titanium surface treatment, which is designed to promote bony ongrowth onto the implant.

Life Spine first launched the SImpact sacroiliac joint fixation system in 2015, featuring cannulated implants in various lengths to accommodate patient anatomies. SIMPACT TRI-FIN offers helical cutting flutes intended to speed and ease insertion, as well as a design that allows the screw to harvest local bone while being implanted across the SI joint.

SIMPACT TRI-FIN system also features an anti-rotational sleeve to inhibit component back-out, and a screw thread design that compresses and stabilizes the SI joint.

Source: Life Spine

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

Tags: Product Launch