Life Spine Launches SIMPACT SI Joint Fixation Study

By Julie A. Vetalice

Life Spine initiated an outcomes study for SIMPACT® Sacroiliac Joint Fixation.

The SIMPACT cannulated and fenestrated screw is implanted through a lateral approachand incorporates proprietary OSSEO-LOC™ surface technology. SIMPACT launched in 2015, and the SIMPACT TRI-FIN design followed in 2017.

Mariusz Knap, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Life Spine, said, “SIMPACT joins our recently released PROLIFT® Expandable Outcomes Study, further demonstrating our commitment to providing robust investment into clinical studies which evaluate the safety and efficacy of our products. As well as adding to the body of data validating our state-of-the-art product offering, these studies will demonstrate possible medical economic savings and highlight other advantages associated with new technologies such as SIMPACT.”

Sources: Life Spine; ORTHOWORLD Inc.

Product Labels: Spinal Fusion

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