Life Spine Completes Multiple Procedures with PROLIFT Expandable

By Julie A. Vetalice

Life Spine Completes Multiple Procedures with PROLIFT Expandable

Life Spine has completed multiple surgeries with the 8mm PROLIFT® Expandable System.

The 8mm PROLIFT Expandable System is complemented by the company's CENTRIC®-T Pedicle Based Retractor System and AVATAR® Minimally Invasive Spinal System for MIS TLIF and the CALYPSO™ Midline Retractor System and CENTERLINE® Modular Spinal Fixation System for Midline PLIF procedures.

“The 8mm width of PROLIFT was designed to support Micro Invasive TLIFs and Midline PLIFs,” said Mariusz Knap, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Life Spine. “As with the other footprints of PROLIFT the 8mm width is self-locking at any height, can be post packed in situ, can be collapsed and repositioned easily if needed and features the proprietary OSSEO-LOC™ Surface Technology.”

“It is important to me that the efficacy of the spacer is not compromised when utilizing a smaller width, and I found that the 8mm PROLIFT was just as strong and effective as the larger footprints, allowing me to achieve excellent disc height restoration,” said Dr. Sean Jebraili of Fairfax, Virginia, who was the first to utilize the 8mm width.