Kolosis BIO and MTF Biologics Launch Kore Fiber Allograft

By Julie A. Vetalice

Kolosis BIO and MTF Biologics Launch Kore Fiber Allograft

Kolosis BIO and MTF Biologics released Kore Fiber™, an exclusively processed demineralized cortical fiber allograft for Kolosis.

Kore Fiber is available in four different sizes of moldable fiber and three sizes of strips. Head-to-head testing has demonstrated that Kore Fiber has higher osteoinductivity than commercially available grafts from Medtronic, SeaSpine and Zimmer Biomet.

Kolosis exclusively partners with MTF to deliver bone graft technologies in the orthopedic space. The company’s initial tissue offering, Prime HD, is exclusively represented by Kolosis through its network of independent distributor partners. Prime HD is a pre-hydrated cortical matrix treated with MTF’s proprietary aseptic processing methods, and features excellent handling characteristics and convenient delivery, making the graft ideal for a variety of challenging clinical applications, especially where cost is a primary consideration.

Kolosis Chief Executive Officer Collin Begley said, "Based on our commercial experience in bone grafting technologies, especially with MTF processed tissues, we see the enormous potential of this tissue-form to capture significant market share in the cortical fiber space. Kore is an aseptically-processed, 100% cortical bone matrix with tremendous handling characteristics. Extensive pre-launch testing confirms Kore’s dynamic spectrum of growth factors; attributes which are essential for promoting and accelerating bone healing.”

Product Labels: Bone Graft Materials/DBM

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