Kinomatic Launches VR Surgical Planner for Hip and Knee

By Julie A. Vetalice

Kinomatic Launches VR Surgical Planner for Hip and Knee

Kinomatic recently launched a novel virtual reality-based templating platform that allows surgeons to develop custom surgical plans for both knee and hip arthroplasty. The Kinomatic VR surgical planner is reportedly the first virtual reality platform specifically designed for orthopedic surgeons. This open platform can work with any implant system, and can be customized for various surgical techniques and approaches. The proprietary VR application allows surgeons to view and manipulate surgical plans. Currently, the platform can support pre-operative modeling for both knee and hip arthroplasty. They anticipate releasing shoulder and spine surgical modeling in the coming months.

Kinomatic’s platform gives surgeons the ability to template arthroplasty cases using their preferred implant, surgical technique, and specifications. Patients receive a high resolution CT scan, which then gets converted into an exact 3D model of the patient’s joint. Once the modeling is completed, the surgeon can determine the exact size and orientation of the implant that will most closely recreate the natural joint anatomy. The finished model is converted into Kinomatic’s own VR application for Oculus Quest for surgical simulation. Kinomatic gives surgeons the ability to model out every aspect of the procedure in advance. This novel solution helps surgeons recreate the ideal biomechanical alignment of the patient’s native joint.

Source: Kinomatic

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